Self-Study in Java Programming

Here in Programming Stacks I’ll share some quick steps on how to prepare your Windows computer and start creating your first java program to fuel your journey towards acquiring the knowledge in java programming.

At the end of this single page tutorial you would be able to setup your Windows computer and have a running java program. The working java program will be produced here will be in a console or CLI form. We will be using the Java version 8.

Let’s start by having java environment in your computer.

  1. Know your operating system’s architecture to determine whether it’s a 32 or 64 bit hardware. Note that 64 bit software can’t work on a 32 bit operating system.
  2. Download a compatible java 8 jdk (java development kit) from Oracle’s Java Download page.
  3. Install the newly java 8.
  4. Set your computer’s environment variable to add the JAVA_HOME and update the path.
  5. Check your java environment.
  6. Create your HelloWorld program by referring to this Hello World procedure post.
  7. Execute your first java program.
  8. Play around with some of the basics tutorial here in

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