Terms Needs to Know to Become a Programmer

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If you are not a graduate of any computer related course like me, you came to the right page. Here, I will try to help you get started in programming. First, let’s make you get acquainted with some terms that are very basic in programming so that you will have less struggle in searching for correct technical terms in the internet like what happened to me when I start me own path in learning how to create a program. I will try to explain the basic terms in layman’s language. Let’s start.

Start learning how to program by knowing the basic terms.

Programming Language – in programming world, there are a lot of programming languages that we can learn and use to create a computer, mobile or web applications. The most popular language these days are C++, C, JAVA, C#, PHP, Visual Basic or VB. You can find some interesting topics about these language in this site.

Interpreter – is a program that reads or interprets your written and compiled program and executes it. Each programming language has its own specific interpreter. In real world programming you don’t need to worry about this or even understand deeply what and how interpreter works unless you want to be a software engineer.

Compiler – is another program the converts your written code into an interpreter-readable state. Each programming language may or may have a compiler. These days, creating a program doesn’t need you to worry about the compiler as most of all program editor or IDE already have this.

Integrated Development Environment or IDE – is a tool that can help you write, compile, test your code more easily. Modern IDE supports several programming languages and compilers. most common free IDE are Netbeans, Eclipse and Visual Studio Community Edition.

method, function or procedure – is a block of code that performs specific tasks. Some modern programming language method may or may not return a value while function commonly returns a value and procedure doesn’t return any. A method needs a name and commonly they contains an action word such as getXxx, setXxx or doXxx, but there is no restriction or hard rule on this and you will learn to name them properly as you became a programmer as it will help you understand your code more easily. While you are still not a technical person in programming, you can just simply use this terms in any programming language.

variable, parameters, and argument – is like a jar that can hold anything that can fit in it. They can hold specific or different types of data depending on the programming language that you are using. The data that your program put in them is called a value. A value can be a number, name, date or a note. You will learn a lot the types of value as you learn programming.

To become a programmer, you have to write your own code and create an application that do something. Just do further reading and help yourself.

To start learning java programming language, you have to setup your computer to be able to ran java programs.

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